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The Ten Most Ridiculous Alternatives To Plates Used In Restaurants

1. A Hat

Our hats are off to their creativity. Get it?


2. A Shoe

Baileys in a shoe is one thing, but cheese curds? That's just ludicrous.


3. A Gardening Shovel

Finally, the dual purpose for your gardening tools you've always wanted!


4. A Rock Slab

Nothing says high class dining like a slab of rock


5. A Meat Cleaver

Probably not the safest restaurant to break up with someone at.


6. An Axe

If you've ever sighed to yourself and thought, "gee, I sure wish just for once I could eat pasta out of an axe" this place is for you.


7. A Picnic Table

A mini table for your deserts.


8. A Mini Shopping Cart

Allows you to go "shopping" for what you want to eat. Eh.


9. A Shovel

Seems a bit cumbersome honestly.


10. Slippers

Not sure how this passed sanitation inspections but sure.


Although some appreciate the experimental receptacles chefs and restaurants have enlisted to serve their latest culinary creations onto, there still lies a strong and devoted population that appreciates, neigh demands, the provision of a plate when dining out. The Twitter account, We Want Plates, which has acquired more than 45,000 followers, shames the outlandish and even ridiculous vehicles used to serve food in various restaurants throughout the world. Check out some of the top tweets.